Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poetry Unit

Since we just finished our state assessments I decided to take a break from the norm (which lately for us has been preparing for the tests) and do some poetry.  It is National Poetry Month after all.  We are also pulishing books and I thought it would be fun to make them poetry books. 
When I went through my poetry file I picked my favorite poems and worked it out so that we did one or two a day so that they have a lot to choose from for their books.  Here's what we did.

  • Who am I poem?  This is a twist on a biopoem and a great way to start.  I did biopoems at the beginning of the year so this was something different.  I plan on making this the first poem in their books.
  • If I Were in Charge of the World.  I take this poem by Judith Viorst and we make our own version of it replacing most of the nouns with things that pertain to themselves.  It is fun and easy.
  • Acrostic.  I know, I know, they have done a million acrostics, but since I was having an "All About Me" poetry day, I decided to have them make an acrostic poem about themselves.  It turned out nice and I think that next year I will have them make an acrostic poem about another classmate as well.
  • Cinquains.  These are easy, fun and something loved by all.  I let them choose any topic they wanted just as long as it followed the rules of the number of words for each line.
  • Couplets.  I gave them the topic of "food" for their couplet poems and told them it had to be at least 6 lines.  We did one together where I showed them how to use the Rhyming Dictionary (if you don't have on of these, they are a MUST for any classroom).  Then, to display them I had them create the food using construction paper and write their poem on top of it.  They look great displayed in the hall. P.S. this takes a long time to do.  Which can be a good thing.  :-)
  • Haikus.  These are super easy once you get the kids to get away from making each line a complete sentence with a subject and a predicate.  They did a good job focusing on nature and making sure the three lines had the appropriate number of syllables I just had to send a lot of kids back to fix lines that sounded too much like a story.  They are so used to making everything perfect it is hard to break that habit...temporarily.  When we were done writing, I let them paint a picture to go with their haiku with water colors and after it dried, they wrote their poem on the painting.  This wasn't in my lesson plans, but they turned out great and make a great display in the room.
  • Preposition Poems.  These poems consist of nothing but prepositional phrases except for the last line which can be anything they want.  We did these when we learned about prepositions, but they are so easy to write I am going to have them write one for their books. 
  • Feeling Poems.  I didn't get to these and I am a little disappointed.  But they are easy to write.  They just choose a feeling and then the first line they relate that feeling to a color then they use similes and compare that feeling using each of the 5 senses and the last line is what that feeling/emotion feels like.  (see sample below) It is also super easy.  Next year.....
I love doing poetry.  It is a good way for the kids to be creative and you can learn a lot about them by reading what they write about.  We are working on our books this week so that I can send them off to be bound next week.  I can't wait to see the finished products.  Below are some samples.

 Couplet Poems

 Who am I? Poem Template from the book "Poetry Lessons, Everything you Need" by Kathy A. Perfect
 Haiku Poems Displayed

 Close-up of Haikus

 One version of Cinquains.

 If you have any additional questions, feel free to e-mail me at jyankovich@hotmail.com.



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